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Dylan Wilson has worked as a full time freelance bass player based in the Los Angeles area, and performing all around the globe, since the year 2000.

He balances a wide breath of styles on both the upright and electric basses, is a top call for sessions and is regarded as the go to bass player for many artists.

Dylan proudly endorses Aguilar Amps, Rotosound Strings and NS Design Electric Upright Basses

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Album Dylan Wilson
Album Dylan Wilson
Alcohol+Bad Decisions
Richie Kotzen
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Website: DylanWilsonMusic.com
Facebook: DylanWilsonBass
Twitter: @DylanWilsonBass
Instagram: @DylanWilsonBass

 How did you discover effects for bass? Schéma pedalboard Dylan Wilson

Dylan's gear
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November 2017

Dylan's gera on Richie Kotzen tour 2017
I first discovered effects by messing around with a few of my father's Boss guitar pedals, he's always been an amateur guitarist/songwriter and my first musical influence.
The first effect I ever personally owned was an Ibanez Chorus pedal, which I didn't find very useful at the time and really still don't find much use for Chorus on bass.
Then I got a hold of a DOD envelope filter, a sound I have always loved.
Envelope Filter, in my opinion, is the quintessential bass effect, I love me some Bootsy Collins.
 What is your approach with effects?
I've never considered myself much of an effects guy with my bass playing, usually preferring a simplistic "old school" approach.
When I joined Richie Kotzen's band 6 years ago I decided to start incorporating effects into my playing.
What I found was that effects have tremendous value in adding texture and providing somewhere to go.
I think this is especially true in a trio setting, which inherently has the sonic space to explore some different sounds without stepping on anyone else.
The other thing I found is that it is really easy to over use effects, it's important to keep in mind your function as a bass player and to serve the song first.
To me effects are only sparse decoration, with some exceptions, a good pure bass tone is almost always better to get the job done.
  What have you recently discovered
 in terms of effect and what are your
 plans on this subject?
The last pedal I obtained was a Fuzz pedal, the Aguilar Fuzzistor.
I got that one for a specific application.
This is the way I get all my gear, I have to have a reason, a job that needs done.
I don't collect gear just for the sake of having gear, I suppose I'm a bit of a minimalist in some sense.
When I do buy, I prefer to go through the second hand market.
We just got off the road and I don't have any immediate plans to purchase a new pedal, but I'm sure there is something around the corner.
Perhaps a new compressor pedal, that's one effect pedal for which I haven't found one I really really like.
 Where could we hear your use
  of effects?
You can hear my use of effects throughout our 2015 Live in Japan DVD, available for free viewing
You can also hear more of my thoughts on playing on The Rhythm Section: Concepts & Conversations' Channel
Photo Dylan Wislon
 Let's talk about your effects....
On this year's tour with Richie Kotzen, I used 3 Aguilar effect pedals (Fliter Twin, Octamizer, and Agro) as well as a Noble bass preamp/di and a Line 6 G70.
The way I have it set up is as follows: I have two transmitter packs for the Line 6 G70, one for my electric bass (a '74 P bass on this tour) and one for my NS Design CR electric upright bass.
The G70 allows me to adjust the output level for each channel, this is helpful in matching the output of the two basses (one being active) and streamline my setup for the ease of our tech. A tuner and freedom of movement are also great benefits of the G70.
After the Line 6 my signal line goes into an Aguilar Filter Twin, which I find to be one of the best sounding envelope filters on the market.
Then the Aguilar Octamizer, a top of the line analog octave generator (sub octave only).
Followed by the Aguilar Agro pedal, an overdrive effect.
Finally the signal leads into the Noble, which is a dual vacuum tube preamp, direct box and DC power supply.
The Noble powers my whole board and provides the direct signal to front of house, a cable then takes my sound to my amp which is an Aguilar DB 750 usually accompanied by a DB 410 cab and DB 212 cab.

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